F*ck my Liver Can Cooler Koozie

F*ck my Liver Can Cooler

This cooler koozie is ideal for any drinking event and furthermore makes an extraordinary present for the moving toward occasions!

Give your liver the beatdown it merits. With this cooler koozie, everybody realizes that there's a 15-round heavyweight slugfest going down, and it's among you and your liver. Godspeed my companion…

This cooler koozie which is a really cool stuff to buy in 2021 is made out of 4mm Polyurethane froth koozie. Neoprene material is a stage above froth material and will give better protection. We by and by utilize the froth koozies and have never had any issues with protection. Save a couple of dollars with this choice, or pick "Other" above to buy the Neoprene rendition.

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