Book Lamp

Book Lamp – Night Light LED Book Light Lamp

Meet Book Lamp, the book-framed light planned to light on your live with an epic way, to give you a totally slackening up climate. it's creative, essentially open the reachargable book with worked in LED and it will turn on. Regardless close it to murder the light. it's not just about lighting, it's a wonderful piece of artistic work that has a waterproof wooden surface and it's moreover an amazing piece of beautification that you can use in your home or in your office.

the book lamp light has an imploding plan that will make it pleasant and easy to pass on. it has a bar purpose of 360°, just pick the right highlight make the ideal lighting climate. other than you can simply put in your pack like a book,and place it wherever because it is powered by inside Li battery which can maintain the light for 8 hours.


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